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The complex of buildings formed the farm for the nearby manor. You can easily make out the barn, the cowsheds, the stables, living quarters, the bakery and also the pig sties. You can see the current manor house which was built on the ruins of an older manor house ; this provided a residence for a barony under the Lord of Fougères.

This history of the area also fashioned the organisation of the village. But we will stop there ; to know more you must ask your hosts. In 2001, Marie-Armelle and Luc Bobon took over the Inn, created a little over 20 years previously. Since then they have worked continously to develop the site of the old farm and improve the welcome it offers.

They have progressively sought to develop the sustainable aspect of their work – sourcing local suppliers, using eco-friendly building materials, allowing access to all, promoting the rural way of life, working with local associations and helping with social issues. It is difficult to describe all their activities but you will always find many subjects to discuss.

Dining, sleeping, celebrating, resting, walking, exchanging cultures, collaberating for work.....
It's your choice !


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Auberge La Maison Neuve 35490 Chauvigné
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Closed on sunday night and wednesday

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